Butt Lift

One 45-minute session provides instant results. With one session being equivalent to 1500 squats.

Our butt lifting treatment is combined with the Anti-cellulite treatment, and is the latest generation designed to change the overall shape of your butt and give it volume.

Vacuum therapy, through the combination of its different action mechanisms, stimulates muscles, increases blood flow, breaks down cellulite and fatty deposits, eliminating toxins, improving lymphatic drainage, and restoring the skin’s natural elasticity which will improve the appearance of skin.

This therapy is painless, safe, and highly effective.


The Anti-Cellulite treatment is a lipomassage that help reduce the areas affected by fat accumulation by stimulating the circulation and reducing adipose tissue.

Cellulite is visible as an orange-peel effect that affects many women on different areas of their body. It mainly occurs on hips, thighs and glutes. The fat cells trapped and retained by the fibrous septae, increases water retention and slow down circulation.

This non-invasive procedure is used to remodel areas affected by cellulite which precisely for this reason technique specialized to break down of cellulite, improve lymphatic drainage, eliminate toxins and water. The skin then starts to regain much of its lost elasticity and will look much healthier.

Price List

Cellulite treatment on the back of the legs with suction cups.
Per session Pack of 6 Pack of 10
$100 $570 ($95/session) $900 ($90/session)

Cellulite treatment on the front and back of the legs with suction cups.
Per session Pack of 6 Pack of 10
$115 $600 ($100/session) $950 ($95/session)

Cellulite treatment on both the front and back of the legs or butt lifting only.
Per session Pack of 6 Pack of 10
$65 $360 ($60/session) $550 ($55/session)

Post-Treatment Recommendations

Post-Treatment Recommendations

  • Massage the treated area once daily and use a firming gel or oil on your buttocks and thighs in the days following the treatment.

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine for a period of 24 hours after treatment.

  • Avoid sitting for a long period of time within 24 hours of treatment.​

  • A great way to maximize your butt lift results, is to maintain a healthy, balanced diet and maintain good hydration to help with lymphatic drainage and to boost your metabolism. The recommended water intake is 3.7 litters per day (15 cups) for the average adult male and 2.7 litters per day (11 cups) for the average adult female.

  • Regular exercise is not only very beneficial to your physical and mental health, but it also burns fat, allowing you to enhance and accelerate your results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vacuum Therapy is the perfect service for anyone looking for a non-invasive way to tackle their cellulite and improve the overall appearance of their skin or increase the overall shape of your butt.

Cellulite does not have a single contributing factor. Essentially, fibrous bands run from your skin to your muscles through the fat. When these bands pull down towards the skin, the fat chambers push upward. Multiple factors could contribute to this, including poor blood flow, metabolic waste accumulation in interstitial spaces, and poor skin elasticity — all of which lead to fat chambers pushing through the connective tissue beneath the skin, resulting in a dimply texture.

Cellulite is no secret. This is a very visible skin condition experienced by more individuals than not. It is a result of the fat deposits around the thighs and other areas of your body pushing through the skin, resulting in a bumpy texture. Most of us are displeased with this appearance and would like to combat it as best as possible. However, despite the fact that the development of cellulite is quite complex, the solution is surprisingly simple.

Every patient is different and due to this, during your consultation, you will have a treatment plan catered to your needs. It is most common for a patient to receive one to two treatments weekly, for a total of 8-10 treatments. Each session lasts about 40-50 minutes, depending on the area that is being treated.

While patients have seen positive results after a single treatment, it is best to receive the full 8-10 treatments.

Our patients can go back to their regular routines immediately after the procedure.

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